We are men of clipped wings and broken halos
something I’ve gotten used to,
Truth be told heaven is both the furthest and closest thing to me while I’m in a room with you.

— Mos Gen

I know it’s not the physical you crave it’s the honesty,
To talk to each other openly,
I excite your mind like I do your body so when you tell me to go deeper,
I know you’re also talking about this poetry.
— Mos Gen

They pay you their 2 cents like they owe you plenty,
A selfish soul is wealthy with envy yet the hate in their heart works for more,
So when it comes down to them trying to value your worth,
Pay them no mind like your brain is poor.
— Mos Gen

I’m always wrong for never being in my right mind,
I tend to make the wrong moves when God shows me the right signs,
But I’m always missing the wrong people at the right time.
— Mos Gen

Truthfully I hate the way I deal with things but hey what’s new?
And if we’re talking honesty,
I hate the way I allow myself to lay in the arms of women I don’t belong to.
— Mos Gen

She would rather ride me than ride for me
that shit drives me crazy,
She gasses me up like I’m empty
but I try and let that not phase me,
She says she wants the title but only offered me a lease,
She wants me to cuff like police after doing 105mph in the streets,
She’s far from a model but got beauty to her make,
Sadly she’d rather give me the curve than ever give me a break.
— Mos Gen

She said don’t be shallow, I heard you were deep what went wrong?
I told her I’m drowning in a sea of regret and my only life line is moving on.
— Mos Gen

We never figured out what was wrong and how to correct it,
It was a no service type love that’s probably why we disconnected.
— Mos Gen