Daughter of Mine


I keep having this dream

And it's just not any dream you see, it's a dream of the future me.

In this dream my wife is giving birth to child I call my own

And as a grown man I understand the responsibilities of a father

I am the wall that stands between my kid and anything that can harm them

I am their knight in shining armor

A Darth Vader to a young Skywalker

I am your father.

The doctor walks in with a smile on his face and says

"It's a girl young man it's a little baby girl" 

I imagine holding her for the first time thinking damn, she is my world.

She would wake up in the middle of the night crying in a fit 

And as my wife gets up I hold her back and say I got this

You see we all know there are mommas boys but this right here, this is daddy's little girl so 

I got this.

As I rock with her rocking back and fourth on the rocking chair she's looking at me in this gentle stare

I whisper in her ear, have no fear daddy's right here.

Fast forward and she's knee high running around in her knee highs

Screaming "daddy! daddy! look what I can do"

And she could be doing something as simple roll around and as a parent 

I know what I must do, exaggerate screaming "WOW THATS SO COOL!"

I'd always want remind her that I'll forever be near, cheering her on telling her have no fear daddy's right here.

Fast forward to her teen years and I embarrass her or maybe I'm not that cool

But that doesn't stop me from acting a fool in front of her friends all hyper screaming "remember when I use to change your diapers?!"

And she'll be all like OMG dad while covering her ears

I'd yell at the top of my lungs "HAVE NO FEAR DADS EMBARRASSMENT WILL RIGHT BE HERE!" 

Fast forward she's fresh out of college and life's a gamble like a deck of cards 

She's telling me she isn't ready and the struggle of life is getting hard.

I'd put my arm around her and say "listen love keep your chin lifted and never give up, 

Life is never easy but you're my daughter so that automatically you makes tough"

And speaking of deck cards as her king I know that one day she's going to be some jacks queen of hearts

And in the game of love she's going to have to play it smart

Because she is already a diamond so she won't have time for spades 

And she needs someone to remind her of that everyday. 

But if a joker tries to clown my baby

I'd deal him these clubs and leave him scattered all over the floor like 52 pick up

But I digress.

Fast forward its her wedding day and we'll have our father daughter dance

And as I hand her to her man

With tears in my stare I'd whisper in her ear

Have no fear daddy will always be right here.

Fast forward I'm an old man now and my time is getting close

My daughter right beside me tears dripping down her nose 

She grabs my hand and tells me she's never been afraid because I have was always been near

Then she smiles and says with laughter behind her eyes pointing to her heart and says "have no fear dad you will always be right here.

What a dream right?

I honestly can't wait in due time 

To have the privilege and the honor to meet that daughter of mine.

A Black Fairytale


Once upon a time in a land called freedom, lived a beautiful Princess who was cursed for no reason

Now this Princess didn't have just any curse like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, in fact,

Her curse at birth was her skin color being black.

She was looked at differently, judged and labeled as an outcast

She would wear clothing with bright colors so that way she can blend in with the contrast

She would get stopped by Knights of the kingdom 

In fearsome of her opinion that would one day would change their corrupt system.

Even though the King and Queen of the land were the same color as her

That still did not stop the violence and racism that occurred.

One day the Princess came across her fairy god mother

Who told the her that she was like no other

There was greatness to her, more than just living in the ghetto

She did not need no Prince Charming with a glass slipper or any royal fellow

She would make it her own, earn every last dime and put on her own stilettos. 

She told her Princess you're gonna make it one day 

And you should not care what other people may say

The Princess replied Fairy Godmother I don't need your praises I need your prayers

Pray that I take it easy on them, pray that I make it fair

I am my own heir, from the bottom of my toes to the tips of my hair

I am not scared, I have no ware or tears in my affairs. 

They do not know that my skin is sweet like coco beans

That are delicacies to kings and queens

They do not know that the value of my worth is more than gold plated diamond dreams

There is diamond in my genes, there is gold running through my bloodstream

They can either be on my team or deal with my shoulders being colder than ice cream.

You see, the Princess always believed that to live ever so happily the only way you have to be is you

And don't let anyone falsify your being or tell you things that aren't true

You are God sent, not to be condemned for breathing

And through all the beating, the bleeding, the teasing, the thieving, the screaming, the cheating, the feeling of grieving 

You must know that black don't crack nor does it bend

This fucked up fairytale is real this shit ain't pretend

So to you my friend 

I am here to remind you that YOU are made to ascend 

And know that in the depths of your soul you are royalty until...


...The End

The Résumé


I feel like now and days a good conversation doesn't go a long way

You see it's like job meeting someone new

That much is true

You gotta put in work like the rents due 

So if meeting someone is like a job and I'm trying get the highest pay

I hope you can formally accept my résumé.

I stand at about 6 feet tall with a personality like no other

I'm well educated, well mannered, a peanut butter colored brother.

My strengths are responsibility, stability, a sense of chivalry and sympathy

A consistency to love you unconditionally with efficiency

As well as nobility and civility with the ability to rhyme words with humility.

I am trust worthy, I am worldly 

I show patience, I show mercy

I look for ways to make you happy for the sake of making you happy

I crack jokes, I'm wacky

I'm never flashy, I stay classy never trashy 

I'll carry your bag I'll be your caddie, gladly

I ain't your pops but I'll be your daddy 

Oh yea I'm pretty nasty

And if you can't already tell

Yes, I eat the box, well.

I have these hands but they're only here to touch you, caress you, hold you and squeeze you 

But I will bring the hand of God down on any man who has the slightest thought of disrespecting you

And that's just me protecting you. 

Now I can talk about my strengths all day, it can be ceaseless

But every man that shows strength, has a weakness.

I'm a perfectionist, I worry too much about getting it right

I have a vision but sometimes I lose sight 

Of who I am so I might

Depend on you to believe in me like Peter Pan so I can take flight. 

I avoid arguments if I know it'll lead to fight

And I know that's wrong, I'm not trying to ignite 

A fire in you despite how I get you tight 

I don't wanna upset, no, I'm just trying to be polite.

I'm stubborn, I'm prideful 

I am mindful that sometimes I can be spiteful.

I have insecurities

I've done wrong, I have sins in my purity 

But that never affects my maturity 

Word to me.

My word is bond my word is key

I just hope you can see

I will try my hardest to be the man you need from me.

And I know your heart has been broken too many times 

But if it helps I'll give you a piece of mine for your peace of mind

You can write this all on a contract from me to sign.

So if I qualify for this position you are trying to fill 

Just know it goes beyond a Netflix and Chill.

I hope I answered all the questions you wanted to address 

I wish you nothing less than the best 

Thank you for this opportunity I'm truly blessed


-References available upon request-


Corny Love Poem


I wanna love like I never loved before 

Love like sailing open seas and selling all the seashells by the seashore 

Love like hero sandwiches, a dollar drink with some chips from the corner store

Like great sleep and loud snores

I wanna love like a good workout, deep in my core

I wanna love love more.

Love like ink to a page

Forever engraved 

I wanna love like fees getting waived 

Like being paid more than minimum wage

I wanna love intensely  


I wanna love immensely 

Like being held gently 

Love like recess in elementary 

Like big smiles and being friendly 

I wanna love like it's complementary 


I wanna love like connecting beards & goatees

And perfectly thrown frisbees 

Love like autumn trees

Like lemonades and ice teas

I wanna love like honey to my ears

As in listening to you speak to me so sweetly

Like conversations without words

Body language you see


I wanna love your mind, body and soul

The holy trinity.  

I wanna love like you opening up to me and me comforting you in everything you say

Open up your heart to me like doors on a summer day 

I wanna love like missing you when we're together and still feeling like I'm far away

I wanna love like a cliche. 

Love like tipsy words from Hemingway 

I wanna love like being an author and then writing about all the types of love I wanna be in 

I wanna love like courageous losses and humbled wins

Love like goosebumps on my skin

Like big foreheads and butt chins  

I wanna love like each line in this poem has been


But I'd wanna love you like it's endless.

Like I'm relentless

Love like words I'd never even say like stupendous and tremendous 

Shit I wanna love like it's offensive 

Like how dare they be so in love they must demented. 

Then I wanna love like we're mad in the head 

Love like fresh sheets on a bed

Like water being tread

Love so precise it's like needle to a thread

Love like reading a book you've already read

I wanna love like my food for thought is being fed

Like breaking bread

I wanna love like everything I just said

So Im going to love it like it's all true

And I want that love to be, you.

The Winter


I once knew this girl, I used to call her the winter

Not because she was cold hearted but because I met her when the snow was falling

And like the snowflakes I fell for her with no warning what I was in for.

You see she was a Capulet and I a Montague 

Wait, sorry for Shakespeare reference let me rephrase that

She was a Catholic and I a Muslim 

Two separate sides with little acceptance except when it comes down to affection.

We loved each other very much and believed love had no religion 

But what's love versus tradition. 

"Sweetheart he's not good for you, he's a Muslim

A hoodlum from Brooklyn

He would keep you locked up, oppress you, depress you, turn you to his evil ways baby know your worth before you suffer"

Said her mother,

And I would plead to her letting her know that's really not how I am and my fam would love you boo 

Have faith in me like I have in you.

I once knew this girl, I used to call her the winter

She had no heat running through those icy cold veins in her

And I should've bundled up because that cold heart of hers is bitter.

It was matter of time before I realized it was over

Her cold shoulder gave the warmth of my body frostbites whenever I tried to hold her.

I don't hear from her for about a month and just like suspense I wait

Heavy hearted like I'm benching weight hoping this girl can keep it straight with me.

Only to get an invitation in the mail that reads you are cordially invited to this bitch, I mean this chicks wedding 

Now this is upsetting

Maybe there's something I'm not getting, is this her way of asking for my blessing by sending an invitation for me to be attending in hopes of mending whatever's between us?

Am I that dumb?

You think all is forgiven and forgotten because you said bring a plus one?

You could have just been up front with me 

Should've been like Ben Frank and kept it 100 with me

I know your momma taught you that honesty is the best policy 

And honestly, understanding is probably my strongest quality 

So let me tell you about this girl I knew, I used to call her the winter 

Now I call her the past since the last time I saw her 

I learned a valuable lesson all in all

I made a spring forward enjoying the summer sunshines waiting on the next fall.